Rodosto Marin 460 Spark

Technicial Specifications
Model Module Walk Around
Certification A
Design Category NS
Boat Length 460 (Cm)
Boat Width 190 (Cm)
Draft 20 (Cm)
Curb Weight (with console) 340 (Kg) 
Max. Load Weight 832 (Kg) 
Max. Motor power 50 Hp (38 Kw) 
Max. Number of Passengers 4
Standard Equipment
* Lockers with Hinged Doors
* Live Fish Livar
* Chrome Head Roller
* Chrome Cleat 4 pcs.
* Chrome U-Ring 3 pcs
* Chrome Telescopic Ladder
* Chrome Engine Mounting Mirror
* Flagpole

* Electricity Pk.(Battery-Port-Starboard Light Led, Control Panel, E. Flagpole, Charger and Lighter Socket, Horn, Bilge Pump Internal Lighting)

* VAT and SCT Excluded

* Models are also standard color white. Price difference is applied for color change.