Our Models


    We want you to be there, dive, catch the biggest fish, swim with you family, enjoy the moment with you friends and family, sail through the waves between the islands, explore the lands along shore and not to interrupt your fun by worrying about the rain, wind and waves.
      For this reason, Rodosto Marin created its boats by combining years of experience with good engineering, with a modern line that appeals to the present and the future without sacrificing luxury and quality.

Choose your boat

The accessories and equipment you choose for your boat are entirely for the comfort and convenience of you and your loved ones. Remember, your boat's needs arise as you use and gain experience. If you act in line with the well-intentioned recommendations of your manufacturer in the beginning, you will get a more economical and more useful product for our valued customers.

On-time delivery

In order not to have any problems in the delivery of your boat orders, confirm the company you have contracted with as day-time-location 1 week in advance. Do not forget to ask for a detailed video and picture, close to the delivery day, to see that your boat is made according to the contract. Do not forget that many delays are due to additional hardware and accessories to the order.

Fair Price

You can get an idea of the quality of raw materials, production and labor costs, and the quality of accessories used on the product by seeing the manufacturer's factory. Please note that every hardware and accessory to be added to the standard boat is subject to a “+ charge”. Please do not put yourself in unnecessary costs by purchasing accessories or equipment you do not need.

Sales & Technical Support

After-sales technical support is very important from the moment you receive your boat. Our phones are open 24/7 for emergencies. Never PANIC at sea, no matter what company's product.