Brand Name Rodosto Marin, named after the nostalgic name of Tekirdağ;

Our company has been selling motorized and sportive non-motorized sailboats, motorized and non-motorized sailboats, motor boats, boats and similar marine vehicles and their goods, marine engine sales and provides service as an authorized service since 1985.

Lack of marine production in Thrace Region and consideration of the positive effect of a marine production facility to region, our companybuilt production facility with T.R. the Ministry of Industry and Technology Incentive in a 1000 square meter area in Tekirdağ.

In the long term our company aims to increase product variety and employment of the industry.Due to delayed delivery of the manufacturers from the other cities and the price increases due to freight costs we have started to product and provide services in our current locationto save our clients’ precious time.

Eastern Thrace is the gateway to Europe. Our company provides daily freight and logistics advantages with its location to our customers in Balkan and Europe. With the completion of Çanakkale Bridge we will provide cheaper fast services to Aegean and Mediterranean Region. With its location very close to the border, the Balkan and European Markets will be the priority of our company on doing business with.


To offer you luxury as a standard by combining the best quality with the most affordable cost.


Bringing a new voice and a new breath to the sector by getting out of the usual product line withtransferring our -unique to our company-experience in order to be superior to our counterparts and design our products for the expectations of our customers to reach the state we deserve.